Download AmigaLive 0.97 with FS-UAE 2.9.7 for Linux Ubuntu

Although FS-UAE is Cross-Platform compatible, it is not Cross-Version compatible.
All connecting players must have the same major FS-UAE version (2.9.x).

Please read the installation.txt (included in the package) if you have problems launching AmigaLive.

FS-UAE Installation:

For Ubuntu, I created an FS-UAE portable setup which is included in the bundled package (link above).
In-case you have trouble launching FS-UAE Launcher from AmigaLive, please try to re-create the portable setup by usng the following steps:

wget -O ~/Desktop/AmigaLive.tar.gz

# create a folder inside your Desktop named AmigaLive and extract the contents from the downloaded file in there
mkdir ~/Desktop//AmigaLive
tar -xzf ~/Desktop/AmigaLive.tar.gz -C ~/Desktop/AmigaLive

# rename the extracted fs-uae-launcher folder to FS-UAE
mv $(find ~/Desktop/AmigaLive -type d -name *fs-uae-launcher*.*) ~/Desktop/AmigaLive/FS-UAE

# use the following commands to cleanup repositories and older installations (commented for safety):
#sudo apt-get -y remove fs-uae
#sudo apt-add-repository --remove ppa:fengestad/devel
#sudo apt-add-repository --remove ppa:fengestad/stable

# download required fs-uae files and place them inside the AmigaLive/FS-UAE folder
sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:fengestad/devel
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install fs-uae

# copy fs-uae-device-helper and fs-uae the executable files to AmigaLive/FS-UAE
cp /usr/bin/fs-uae ~/Desktop/AmigaLive/FS-UAE
cp /usr/bin/fs-uae-device-helper ~/Desktop/AmigaLive/FS-UAE
cp /usr/share/fs-uae/fs-uae.dat ~/Desktop/AmigaLive/FS-UAE

# your FS-UAE portable is now ready to be used by the AmigaLive application.