Welcome to the AmigaLive project!

AmigaLive is a front-end application which utilizes the netplay capabilities of the FS-UAE emulator. AmigaLive makes it more simple than ever before to have 2 or more people from around the world, connect and play the same game, or even use the same software, as if sharing the same Amiga computer hardware and peripherals.

FS-UAE is the friendliest Amiga emulator which integrates Amiga emulation code from WinUAE and is available for all major platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS-X and Linux.

*This project offers an unofficial distribution of the FS-UAE software which may not be up to date, therefore please do not send any bug reports to the developer (Frode Solheim) regarding AmigaLive issues.


  • Download the latest version of the AmigaLive bundle
    (Everyone needs to have the same major version)
  • A modern computer running a 64-bit OS
    (Linux, Mac OS-X or Windows)
  • High speed internet
    (Wi-Fi works but a wired LAN connection is recommended)
  • Any input device: Joystick, GamePad, Keyboard or Mouse. 
    A joystick can also be emulated by using different keyboard layouts, the default keys are: cursor keys and right Ctrl as fire 1 button
    (A digital 2 button Joystick/GamePad is recommended)
  • You need people ready to play with you, but if you don’t know many that are interested or support Amiga emulation, we welcome you to join us on the AmigaLive Discord and give us a shout. You can notify whoever is available by using the @here command in the Discord channels 🙂