Welcome to the AmigaLive project!

Currently supporting the kickstarter Amiga Trumps Card Game

AmigaLive is a front-end application which utilizes the netplay capabilities of the FS-UAE emulator, and makes it really simple to have 2 or more players connect and play the same Amiga game, or use the same software as if sharing the same Amiga computer hardware and peripherals.

FS-UAE is the friendliest Amiga emulator, which integrates the power of WinUAE emulation code and takes it a step further with the added netplay code and capability to run natively on all major platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS-X and Linux.

*This project offers an unofficial distribution of the FS-UAE software and may use beta features and functions, therefore please do not send bug reports to the developer (Frode Solheim) regarding AmigaLive issues.


  • Download the latest AmigaLive bundle
    (FS-UAE is included. Everyone needs to have the same major version)
  • A modern computer running a 64-bit OS
    (Linux, Mac OS-X or Windows)
  • High speed/low latency internet connection
    (Minimum upload/download speed of a ISDN line 128kbs. Wi-Fi works, but is not recommended as dropped packets double or triple the latency)
  • Any input device: Joystick, GamePad, Keyboard or Mouse.
    A joystick can also be emulated by using different keyboard layouts, the default keys are: cursor keys and right Ctrl as fire 1 button
    (A digital 2 button Joystick or an additional GamePad is recommended)



  • There are single player games available in the “Single Player”  game list list, but it is always more fun playing with other people (There are also games for up to 8 players simultaneous).
  • Looking for other players? We welcome you to join us on the AmigaLive Discord and give us a shout.
    Dont forget to mention your region to other players, as that plays a major role in latency demanding games.
    You can notify whoever is available by using the @here command in the Discord channels 🙂
  • There is an option which allows you to stream your gameplay to twitch.tv/amigalive 
    This option does not demand any extra streaming software or bandwidth usage, but enabling it allows the broadcast client to connect to your session as a spectator.