GameTime – Welcome

Welcome to GameTime!

To view upcoming GameTime events and to register to play, check out this page.

New to GameTime?

AmigaLive is a free and easy to use program that allows you to play hundreds of multiplayer Amiga games online, for free. But you probably already know that (if not, don’t worry – read on).

AmigaLive GameTime is what we call our official AmigaLive gaming events. We organise them ourselves and anybody is welcome to participate in them.

They’re free to enter, just for fun, and are a great way to expand your network of Amiga friends (you can never have too many people to play Sensible Soccer with).

All you’ll need to enter is:

  • A copy of AmigaLive (did we mention that it’s free?) downloaded on your computer – no installation necessary.
  • to install the Discord voice and text chat app (either on your computer or phone – either app is free) and join the AmigaLive server on there. Ideally, you’ll have a microphone headset to use in Discord too.
  • account (free again) – optional, but means you can follow the tournament live at, see scoreboards as we go along, and still be able to contact us if you have problems with your headset setup (via their text chatbox).

Never used AmigaLive or Discord before and want to join one of the tournaments?

Great! It’s simple to get up and running, and you can find out how to get started here.