Download the latest Bundled Package

for Windows , Mac OSX or Linux

Which includes
FS-UAE 2.8.1u3 Portable
and AmigaLive 0.93

Current list of Games & Configurations available:

joystick solutions


Welcome to the home of the AmigaLive project!

The AmigaLive is an application which offers an Amiga multiplayer gaming experience over the internet by combining FS-UAE's netplay capabilities with external servers, This way you can play and compete on Amiga games with other players from around the world!

FS-UAE is the most user friendly Amiga emulator which integrates Amiga emulation code from WinUAE and is available for all major platforms (Windows, Mac OS-X, Linux and more).

*This project offers an unofficial distribution of FS-UAE which may not be up to date, therefore please do not send any bug reports to Frode Solheim regarding the AmigaLive.

I have already prepared a Bundled Package for Windows , Mac OSX and Linux
which includes FS-UAE 2.8.1u3 Portable and AmigaLive 0.93

Click here for further details and instructions on how to use AmigaLive
if you have any questions, issues or game suggestions,
feel free to contact me on facebook or even join the FB group!
I will appreciate the feedback ;-)

Thanks to Frode Solheim (Which is th developer of FS-UAE and JIT coder for WinUAE), everyone who has helped me by testing/playing and a very special thanks to the following people for their contribution and support:

the Guru Meditation team Playaveli AmigaHellas Group Paul Green

The Guru Meditation

With Bill and Anthony

Playaveli  amiga hellas  paul green
I met Bill on the Commodore Amiga Facebook group.
He was the first to congratulate me on this idea and gave positive thoughts to continue on the project. Together with Anthony, they made the 1st kickstarter video introducing my project. Thanks guys! :-)
I met Philippe on the English Amiga Board.
Him being a Sensible Soccer fanatic and knowing the demands of casual players, convinced me that I had to focus on a simplified desktop version instead of a web version in order to attract less techie Amiga gamers.
This gave rise to the AmigaLive we have today.
I got some interest from the Amiga Hellas website and we enjoyed playing some multiplayer Amiga games with 6 players at the same time.
They all continue to play and contribute with posts and longplay videos on Youtube and Facebook! Keep up the good gaming guys! :-)
I met Paul on the Commodore Amiga Facebook group.
Since I have a slow machine and low RAM, Paul being a great man, he offered me a convenient solution for testing my app under multiple virtual machines running OSX, Linux Ubuntu and Windows XP