Download the latest Bundled Package

for Windows , Mac OSX or Linux

Which includes
FS-UAE 2.8.3 Portable
and AmigaLive 0.93

Connect and use your PC with your PS DualShock or Xbox Controllers

DualShock 3 DualShock 4 Xbox 360 Controller  

Links which you can buy cheap Digital Arcade Joysticks

(I havn't purchased or tried any of these, Please confirm if they are good if you purchase)

Amazon e-bay other

Joystick to USB 2.0 adapters for using your old Amiga/Atari controllers and more  15pin Gameport to USB 2.0  Playstation 1/2 Adapter  WireLess Xbox Receiver

1 receiver can handle
2 controllers

1 receiver can handle
4 controllers

Create your own custom PC Arcade Joystick using Xbox 360 Controller parts

 Please send me a message or a link if you have another solution/suggestion! Thanks